Deebstacks 1.8- Invading Malta

I traveled to Malta for the first time in February knowing nothing about this country except that it was in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We kicked off the season for WPTDeepStacks in South Florida & as soon as we crowned our first champion, we caught a flight the next morning to Malta. We really didn’t have much prep time & none of us knew what to expect. Let me just tell you, we were pleasantly surprised! The casino that our event was hosted at, Dragonara Casino used to be a palace. It had incredible scenery on property and great history. We found out Malta is one of the top deep sea scuba diving destinations in the world. It was the most bombed country during WWI, so there is plenty of historical wreckage to explore around the island. We were not there during the warm seasons, so we didn’t get to explore the underwater areas of Malta. Check out my video blog from our trip!

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