My Favorite Baby Items for Traveling

We have been committed to not letting our baby girl slow us down. We have tried to just incorporate her into our travels and adventures. With that, you still have to carry around a lot more items to ensure she is taken care of. I have tried to find some of the best products that minimally impact how much more I have to pack. At 2 months, we took a trip to Utah. At almost 3 months we went on a trip to Grand Tetons NP. Now at 7 months, we’ve gone up snowboarding while trading off watching her, back to Iowa, traveled to California, and have many more adventures planned! With all of these different adventures, here are the items I can’t live without.


BabyBjorn Bouncer

At 2 months, when I went to Utah I found it was hard to find a place to let Sierra sit up and watch what was going on in the room without holding her. I didn’t have a chair or anything at this point. After extensive research, I found this gem. I didn’t want something that was a bunch of pieces (hard to put together or break apart). I wanted something very simple and easy to use! This bouncer has been the best thing I’ve purchased! It folds all the way flat, so it’s super easy to transport around & it’s very light. If you need to wash the cover when the lovely blowouts happen, you just unhook it in 2 places and go! It also has two different positions, so you can lay it back if they fall asleep in it. I LOVE this for traveling!

Tip: I found ours on the Facebook Marketplace for $70! It had barely been used!

BabyBjorn Carrier One

There are a million different baby carriers out there. But, this one is seriously so great! I even have a friend who just had her 3rd kid (so she’s experienced all the baby items), I let her try my carrier out and she bought one the next day! This carrier is so easy to put on by yourself. The clasps are so simple to do one handed while holding the baby and trying to strap them into it. When you are traveling through an airport solo, and have to go to the bathroom you can also safely remove the back strap to sit down and still have the baby strapped to you comfortably on the front. It’s also super easy to wash. It has a built in newborn insert and grows with the baby without putting strain on your back. It’s very comfortable! I HIGHLY recommend trying this bad boy out.

CoCoSand Baby Sunglasses

sunglasses.PNGIt is BRIGHT here in Colorado. I started noticing baby was constantly squinting when we were outside on hikes, walks, and in the stroller. So, I got on Amazon looking for a good pair of baby sunglasses. These have been amazing. She never rips them off and they fit her little face so well. The strap on the back is very stretchy and expandable, so it’s great when I put her beanie on or as she grows.

Lotus Travel Crib


I searched high and low for a crib that was practical to travel with. Did you know the average pack n play weighs around 20+ lbs? That is NOT easy to carry around when you have a baby and other items to carry! This crib weighs 13lbs, and when you take it out of the bag you just spread the thing apart and it snaps together! It’s so FAST and EASY! That is what you need when you travel right!? It’s a very durable crib and very sturdy. It has fit everywhere I have put it up. The backpack feature is also a plus! The pad is nice and thick and super easy to clean.

Osprey Baby Carrying Backpack for Hiking

Osprey Pack.PNG


This is another item I love because it’s so simple to use without help. I have been able to take baby on hikes with just her and I, and not struggle to set her down or put her on my back. This backpack is also so comfortable. It has many built in things that I love. The sun shade is great, there is a smaller backpack the kiddo can wear when they get older. It’s very padded and comfortable on the inside for them to sleep. The leg pops out so you can set the baby down comfortably and not worry about it falling over. If you hike a lot in the winter or summer, or do much backcountry camping like we do, this is a necessity!

Cozy Covers Portable High Chair

High Chair.PNG

This is a great high chair hack for when you are traveling. I had never seen this, and my sister-n-law got us one for Christmas! It takes up almost no space whatsoever in the diaper bag, and works with any chair! It’s great for any situation!

Waterproof Wet/Dry Bag

Dry-Bag.pngAs you will learn or may already know, babies bowel movements are unpredictable some times! I bought these because I was worried I’d be out on the road and baby would have a blowout, and I’d have nowhere to put the messy clothes! These have come in handy for diapers when I had nowhere to throw them away and dirty clothes. The wetness stays inside the bag, which helps keep my diaper bag clean! They wash really easily and have held up so well! I am a big fan of using these & if it’s real bad having a few Ziploc freezer bags as well to try and contain the smells! So many smells!

What are you favorite travel items? Let me know! I am always looking for better ways to travel & being a new mom I feel like I am constantly learning about new products to improve my experience.

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